Coordination and Cooperation

Coordination and Cooperation is an important book that furnishes a comprehensive overview of the global tax challenges confronting tax policy today. The tax landscape has changed drastically from what it was a generation ago. Some of the factors like persistent wide-sweeping changes in information technologies, massive economic downturns, unforeseen catastrophes, such as the global pandemic that hit the world in 2020, and ever more sophisticated methods of tax evasion and avoidance have left the tax authorities baffled and puzzled. In an innovative way, the book merges the insightful contributions of well-known tax experts with fresh new voices in the field. 


What’s in this book:


The following key issues have been addressed in this book:

  • international tax reform initiatives;
  • effects of climate change;
  • tax justice in times of crisis;
  • international tax cooperation;
  • taxing multinationals;
  • role of tax havens;
  • participation and collaboration of developing countries;
  • the growing presence of artificial intelligence and robots;
  • prospects for a green economic recovery; and
  • tax ethics and social inclusiveness.
Date:  février 12, 2024
Catégories:  Livre, Recherches
Coordination and Cooperation | Brigitte Alepin