The Price we pay
The documentary

Award for best Canadian documentary – Vancouver Film Critics Circle.
Named one of the ten best canadian movies by the Toronto International Film Festival
(TIFF) 2014.
Gémeaux Award for best scenario for a documentary to Harold Crooks and Brigitte Alepin
« Enlightening … must be heard. » New York Times Critics Pick


« enlightening … must be heard. » New York Times Critics Pick

How are archaïc tax regimes undermining the basis of democracy in the 21 st century ? Why
are states powerless in the face of tax evasion strategies used by multinational
corporations ? What will be the price to pay if nothing is done to establish equity ?
Philosophers, economists, lawyers, journalists, sociologists and politicians ring the alarm.

A documentary by director Harold Crooks inspired by Brigitte Alepin’s book, La Crise fiscale qui vient.

The price we pay is about tax evasion mechanisms thanks to which multinational corporations avoid paying billions of dollars in tax. Tax evasion leads to an increase of income revenue inequality and impoverishes the middle class. The movie strives to show the implication of London’s financial sector in the tax evasion system, using the expertise of the Tax justice Network.

When the tax becomes a game!

Game description :
Slide into the skin of an entrepreneur which transforms his small business into a multinational corporation. Your objective : make the most profit and pay the least taxes
possible while exploiting tax policies.
Be careful ! The price we pay- the game makes you experiment actual tax evasion tactics, from tax heavens to private foundations, and although it is not an exact simulation of your taxes, it tries to demonstrate what slips from public finance and hurts Providence states and the ressources that should be dedicated to the common good.


From the movie
The price we pay

Paris Match

« Un film passionnant, limpide, indispensable. Le Prix à payer explique tout. »

Democracy Now

« Amazing documentary ... deeply moving. »

Le Monde

« Implacable »


« A ne pas manquer sous aucun prétexte »


« Enquête magistrale »

New York Times Critics Pick

« enlightening … must be heard. »

David Cay Johnston, Pultizer Prize Winning author

« There have been a number of films about inequality. This one is brilliant »

Le Figaro

« Documentaire Choc »

Thomas Piketty – Nouvel Observateur

« Ce film montre de façon très efficace les dégâts causés par la concurrence
fiscale. »


« Un film explosif »
The price we pay - Brigitte Alepin